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Rinehart’s Performance Race Cars
can provide you with a wide range of services, from helping you get the right parts the first time, to chassis set-ups, updates to your current race car or the design and fabrication of a new, state-of-the-art, turn-key race car.  We can help keep your race car running at its full potential by giving tuning advice and support throughout the season.
In fact, some of our clients get quite an education on chassis tuning.  "
The smarter we can make you, the easier our job is to keep your car as fast and consistent as possible." 
So give us a call or email,  and let us help you start turning on more WIN LIGHTS and getting more WALLYS.


Custom-Bent Roll Cages and Tube Chassis
are made from 4130, condition N, Chrome Moly tubing
and are all "TIG" welded to meet the SFI certification, that your class requires. Upon request, we can use "DOM" mild steel and "MIG" weld the cage or bar.
However, we highly recommend the use of "TIG" welded, Chrome Moly for numerous reasons. 
NOTE: When a custom roll cage or roll bar is being installed at Rineharts Performance, the interior must be completely removed.

Fabricated Interiors
are hand crafted and can be made out of aluminum or steel and both have the option of being removable, for quick access and cleaning, with 1/4 turn dzus fasteners or screwed and spot welded to be mounted permanently.

Rear Differential
 ring and pinion gear assembly is offered for 9" Ford, 10 & 12 bolt Chevy and Dana rear housings. This includes Pro gears or street gears. NOTE: The center section (Ford 9") or rear housing(10 & 12 bolt Chevy and Dana) must be removed from the car.

Custom Built Headers are designed & fabricated for each individual application. They can be made out of
stainless steel or steel tubing and Jet Hot coated before delivery. You can also choose from Standard, Merged or
Muffler collectors and straight or stepped primary tubes, depending on your combination. 


Chassis Alignment & Set-ups
are one of our best features. Each car is precisely set up, aligned and placed on 4 wheel digital scales to ensure our ultimate goal; "
To Hook Hard & Go Straight." 


On-Track testing and Chassis tuning is available to make your car faster and more predictable. This service is not justfor cars we've built. We can help tune your car that was built elsewhere. All you do, is pay our expenses and hourlyrate and you have our undivided attention. You will have us on the starting line with you to line you up in the grooveand video your run.
Wiring & Plumbing is just part of finishing a race car. We use the correct sized wire, fuses and relays to protect your valuable components. This is like "jewelry " for a chassis. When it's complete, the detail put in wiring and plumbing of a race car, adds to the look and doesn't hinder it. "It's just our way of doing things"

Race Engine Combinations, Design and Assembly Program
gives you an advantage by having us select items such as: Cylinder head ports & Cam profiles to Ring combinations & Compression ratios. Each part helps make up the whole package for the best possible results and longevity. We know You certainly want the best results for your money.

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