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Frank Cimba's 1970 Nova with a 500 cubic inch Big Block Chevy, is an NHRA Super Street car that is capable of going deep into the low 9 second range without a throttle stop. 
                   Super Street Nova
                   2012 Dutch Classic

The 2012 ATI COPO Camaro with a 327 ci LS engine and a 4.0 L Whipple Supercharger.  This rocketship has gone as quick and fast a 8.66 seconds at over 159 mph.  The car was driven by Marty Rinehart at the 2012 US Nationals.  It was the quickest and fastest car in SSA/A.

         Indy 2012 Qualifying
         The Road to Indy

Ken & Brenda Gerberich's beautiful Midnight black, 92 Camaro is built to handle as much power as anyone can throw at it.  The chassis on this car is certified to SFI spec 25.1 and is legal to go as fast as 6.00 in the 1/4 mile.  The detail on this car is second to none.

Aint It Kool?  Thats the 49 Chevy of Gary Laird.  This S/G car is proof that you will see all kinds of cars in that class.  This car is all steel and can still go RED on the Pro Tree

This is the ATI Performance Products 2010 Drag Pac Challenger Driven by J.C. Beattie. Rinehart's Performance and ATI have had a long time business relationship lasting over 30 years.  
                  2012 Cecil County LODRS
                  ATI AT Maple Grove

Best Engineered Award Winner at the 2010 Maple Grove Raceway LODRS Event. The 1962 Chevy II was built by Rineharts Performance Race Cars and is owned by Mark Pandola. The car features a 25.4 SFI Chassis and is a purpose built Super Gas and Super Rod Car.

  Bob Updike's Pro Street 1970 Chevelle. Unfortunately, this car has been lost in a terrible garage fire. 

Guest & Rinehart's 27 T Street Roadster ran the S/G circuit back in the late 90's  It was an NHRA Divisional winner and a multi time big dollar bracket race winner. This car is still in competition and  is in the same pristine condition as when it was first built.  The new owner is Marvin Napier from Monrovia MD


Skip & Diane Kershner's Small Block Chrysler Powered,  NHRA National Record Holding, SS/KA Duster  

Doug Holloway's 540 C.I. Blown, Big  Block Pro Street WILLYS

Rod Holtzapples Best Engineered winning 1968 Camaro equipped with a 522 ci big block Chevy in a 25.4 SFI Tube Chassis.  


Guest & Rinehart's SS/EA 69, Big Block Chevy Powered Camaro

 Tom Minnick's Big Block Chevy Powered 67 Pro Street Camaro


Stu Rinehart's small block powered  74 Vega goes well into the 9 second range with little effort

This is the father and son team of Johnnie and Barry Fox.  Both of these chassis were built by RPRC in the late 90s and are still on the track today.


   AC&L Racing  Big Block Chevy Powered   67 Camaro

   Bill Leckrone's 1992 Pontiac Trans Am.  SFI 25.4 Chassis

Jeff Mcmillen's Super Gas/ Super Street Mustang uses RPRC chassis  set-up & components to consistently hook hard and go straight. 

Steve Welkers CC/SA Camaro is a High 9 second Big Block Stocker that leaves like a Super Stock car,except it does it on a 9" tire, thanks to the Santhuff Shocks all the wat around it.

This is  Matt Welkers Fast Stock eliminator Camaro.  It is Santhuff equipped and can hook up on a 9" Radial tire.   Matt is a long time Customers of RPRC

Jim Hensley's 68 Camaro is a Super Eliminator and Big Dollar Bracket car.  This car can run with the Dragsters and can print time slips one after another.  The Chassis is set to the RPRC settings and has Santhuff Double Adjustable shocks on all four corners.  This show quality paint is a real eye catcher from Tennessee. 

This is the NHRA National Record Holding SS/FA Camaro of Canadian Racer Guy Desjarins.  Guy used the Rineharts Performance race cars, chassis set up and Santhuff DA shocks, to make this low 9 second car leave high in the air consistantly and safely nearly every pass.

Matt Welker's SS/AH 68 Hemi Cuda can go well into the 8 second zone.  The John Armstrong 426 power is put to the ground using Santhuff shocks and RPRC chassis set up and alignment.  Matt is pretty busy when he goes down the 1320, as his car is equipped with a G Force Stick shift transmission.  This is one of the cars that competes in the HEMI Shootout at Indy.

If Rinehart's Performance has built, updated or set-up your race car and is not listed as our customers, please e-mail us a photo and we'll be happy to give you the exposure you deserve.
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